Project Partners


Four partners from two European countries work in this project. The leading partner is Elgoline d.o.o. from Slovenia. Other participating partners are Intech-les, d.o.o. also from Slovenia and Teknologisk Institut (Danish Technolgical Institute) – DTI from Danemark and Kalk A/S also from Danemark.

Project advisory board consists of dr. Vladimir Cindro, Zoran Trošt, M. Sc. Berit Lindegaard and Hans Holmstrøm.

Steering committee consists of Iztok Gornik from Elgoline d.o.o., Anita Marković from Intech-les, d.o.o., Anne Christine Steenkjær Hastrup from DTI and Rasmus Kjøng Rasmussen from Kalk A/S.